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University School of Jackson Holds Uniform Consignment Sale

The University School of Jackson spent Monday collecting used uniforms for their uniform consignment sale.

Over 200 families came by to donate uniforms that no longer fit and could be better used by someone else.

Volunteers say the sale has been going on for as long as the University School of Jackson has had uniforms.

The sale is mainly run by parents and volunteers, and they say they continue it to help families save money on something that can quickly get expensive.

"I just think it's such a service to our families. It can get kind of expensive to go out and buy an entire wardrobe of new uniforms and when people can get a few pieces here and there to supplement," says Michelle Prince, volunteer.

Prices range from about 3 to 10 dollars and some items, even being given away for free.

The sale will continue Tuesday from 7:30 AM until noon.

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