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VA Town Hall Discusses New Veteran's Benefits

30-year Army veteran and Director of the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Memphis, David Dunning has been charge for about a year.

The center has already cut the mortality rate in half.

"I learned how to run hospitals and health care systems, so my wife and I decided that we would keep doing what we were doing we would serve the veterans,” said Dunning.

Thursday, plans for this year were discussed.

The VA held a town hall meeting to discuss how the 20 million dollars spent this year will increase veteran’s benefits.

The 20 million dollars include a renovated clinic in Dyersburg, a new PET and CT scanner, and a renovation of the beds, walls, halls, and floors after 40 years.

Also in the budget, 46 more handicap spots and plans to start a new 3 deck parking lot.

“And so I want to make it as convenient as we can for our veterans to come to downtown Memphis and get their care,” added Dunning.

Veterans were present and shared their feedback with veteran affairs officials.

“Those of us who actually participate in the health care program think it’s a blessing to have a center here in Jackson and the surrounding areas,” said Morris Savage, a Coast Guard veteran.

Dunning’s goal as director is to provide the best quality of care and with that, he hopes to see star ratings go up.

“I’m hoping the veterans feel like the services we provide are adequate payment for the service they’ve done for this country, what they’ve earned.”

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