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Jackson State's Small Business Development Center Receives Award

The very first Tennessee Resource Partner of the Year award was given to Jackson State's Small Business Development Center.

The Jackson location was chosen out of a total of 15 throughout the state.

Data was collected and they got the most capital in the hands of local business owners.

This shows the growth of small businesses in West Tennessee, specifically the Jackson area.

Jackson States Small Business Development director says that their over 100 years of combined business experience is what makes them so successful in helping other businesses grow.

"That means a lot to people because they know that when we talk to them we're doing it from this is what we've gone through this is what we want to pass on to you all. Not just we read a book this is what you should do and that has a lot of bearing with people we talk to," Ron Acree, director of the Small Business Development Center.

Jackson State’s Small Business Development Center is only 52 thousand dollars away from reaching last year’s numbers.

State director Latanya Channel says she hopes small business development centers will be inspired by this award and raise their numbers in an effort to win next years.

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