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Gospel Series Continues in Jackson

Wednesday was the first night of four in the concert series, “Jackson Sings the Gospel”.

This four day event at the Carl Perkins Civic Center will feature some of the most popular gospel music groups in America.

Each night about 5 different groups will perform, from soloists to entire families.

One artist, Brian Free of Brian Free and Assurance describes the night as going to church as a community.

Concert promoter Bill Bailey says the most important part of experiencing the gospel concerts, is how they make you feel afterwards.

"We hope when people come they're inspired, they're encouraged, they're refreshed. We live in a very tough society in time right now and this music bring hope, it brings out the goodness in people and faith in god and that's what this weekend is all about and what our music does," said Bailey.

The lineup for each night can be found at

Tickets start at $20.00 and can be purchased at the door.

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