Shoppers Get Early Start On Tax Free Weekend

Kelly Simmons has years of experience of back to school shopping as both a mother and a teacher. She says she likes to start shopping for her daughter and her class as early as possible.

“Once it gets tax free weekend, most things are picked over so we kind of go ahead and get the things as soon as we can,” says Simmons.

Tax Free Weekend runs July 27th through the 29th... when retailers stop collecting tax on more than 150 different items.

Shoppers will save up to 10 percent on everything from clothing, to school supplies, to computers.

While some people like to wait until tax free weekend to do their back to school shopping, some prefer not to wait until the shelves are empty and start right away.

Some students even convinced their parents to take them back to school shopping because they didn’t want to risk not getting all the supplies they need.

“If you go after school then there’s not going to be any left because a lot of people are shopping now, like today and stuff and a lot of people don’t get it this early,” says Cooper Davidson.

Simmons advises other parents and teachers to go ahead and get their back to school shopping out of the way before the big rush so they get a chance to relax before school starts again.

“Get started early, the earlier the better and you’re going to get the better stuff when you get started early and its just always good to check that off so you can enjoy the rest of your summer.”

For those who are waiting until tax free weekend, retailers like target told us they won’t be running out of school supplies anytime soon.

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