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The Music of Jackson!

Thursday, July 5

  • Kicking Keys, Libation Station (Discovery Park), 5:30pm

  • Tyler Goodson, Redbones, 6pm

  • Brandon & Rum, The Downtown Tavern, 7pm

  • Open Jam, Elks Lodge 192, 7pm

  • Dalton Gray, Freddy T’s CLUB 50 (Counce), 7pm

  • Open Mic w/ The Skeleton Krew, Cody’s, 8pm

Open Mic w/ Dave Thomas, The Tap, 9pm

Friday, July 6

  • Skeleton Krew, Third Eye Curiosities, 2pm

  • Tyler Goodson, The Blacksmith, 6pm

  • David Ashley Trent, First Friday on the Square (Lexington), 6pm

  • Bryan Moffitt, Mulligans, 7pm

  • Southern Fire Band, International Rockabilly Hall-of-Fame, 7pm

  • Wolf River Band, Bolivar Music on the Square, 7pm

  • Tatum Shappley, Freddy T’s Rooftop (Counce), 7pm

  • Backseat Crocodile, Hops & Barley (Union City), 7pm

  • Steve Short & Friends, Bistro Eleven Sixty, 7:30pm

  • Andy Avery, Redbones, 8pm

  • DJ Byron Hatch, Samuel T. Bryant Distillery, 8pm

  • Karaoke w/ DJ Deanne, Ricochet Bar, 9pm

  • Dixie Mafia, Freddy T’s CLUB 50 (Counce), 9pm

  • Melanie Davis & Cotton Clifton & The Pickers, The Downtown Tavern, 10pm

Saturday, July 7

  • Felicia Ingram, The LOCAL, 11am

  • Jason D. Williams, Shiloh National Military Park, 5:30pm

  • Chad Karnes, The Blacksmith, 6pm

  • Leather & Lace, Main Street Grill (Medina), 7pm

  • Rockin’ Country, Main St. Country (Humboldt), 7pm

  • Dirty Red, Breakers Marina (Buchanan), 7pm

  • Will Burton, Rivers Pier (Counce), 7pm

  • Eric Ryan, Freddy T’s Rooftop (Counce), 7pm

  • Tumbleweed Band, Airways VFW, 7:30pm

  • Brandon Lewis Acoustic, Picasso, 8pm

  • Blair & Madison, Redbones, 8pm

  • Derrick Brantley, The Mic Stand Bar & Grill (Huntingdon), 8:30pm

  • One Nyte Stand, Fisherdale Dock (Decaturville), 8:30pm

  • Shannon Cooke, Mulligans, 9pm

  • Dave Thomas & Friends, The Tap, 9pm

  • Karaoke w/ Josh Hazzard Logan, Ricochet Bar, 9pm

  • Jason Childers, The Downtown Tavern, 10pm

Whether it’s an annual event or one of our great live music venues, experience the music only found halfway between Memphis and Nashville in the heart of the Americana Music Triangle! Please share this email with your friends.

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