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Area Relief Ministries is asking for help this summer

With temperatures across Madison County are expected to top ninety degrees throughout the week, many people in the Hub city are feeling the effects of the heat, especially the homeless community.

I’m an older man, so sleeping outside would be hazardous to my health. They’re, they’re probably saving my life.”

L.F Wynne is one of the dozens of homeless people who receive aide from area relief ministries during the year. That aide comes in many forms.

“they give me support, they give me moral support, financial support, they give me a place to stay and food to eat. Without them, I would be sleeping under a bridge someplace.”

Arm teams up with local churches to provide shelter overnight shelter through their room in the inn program, but right now, the organization is having a hard time finding space.

“Some of the churches for different reasons, vacation or whatever we don’t have participating churches every night. So, right now its sporadic, we don’t have shelter every night and its our goal to provide that.”

ARM is now asking area churches for help to fill the gaps in their room in the inn program.

“One church once a month for thirty days. Thirty churches once a month would be, would be awesome.”

Mckinnie and ARM are looking for this help from area churches because it could end up saving a life on the street.

“its hot and a lot of guys sleep in the tent and its just overwhelming. People can die in the heat just as easy as they can in the cold temperatures.”

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