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Downtown building development on hold

Downtown Jackson is growing.

“Restaurants, night life, a lot of people are choosing to locate their business in downtown and there is more stuff to do all the time” cording to Matt Altobell of Jackson Downtown Development Corporation

From the Jackson walk to the Local and the Amp, the area around downtown has seen tremendous growth.

But even with all this growth there sits buildings unoccupied but filled with potential.

“You’re downtown is the most beautiful, undeveloped downtown in the state of Tennessee."

Phil Martin is one of the owners of the Birmingham Building as well as some of the other buildings downtown.

His plans for devloping that area have come to a halt after he says he seen some stagnation in the area.

“What has held it up is that there is no commerce in Downtown Jackson, there is nothing happening once I got there.” Beyond some of his doubts on the commerce side of the issue, he is wary of the coming change in the mayor’s office

“there has to be a true commitment to downtown and with the leadership of mayor gist, it scares me.”

For Jackson downtown development, one of the things they see as a missing piece for downtown is actually what martin proposed for the Birmingham building just two years ago.

“I actually think a hotel and restaurant on the scale of what’s been talked about would be very good. There’s been a lot of anticipation for that, I think jackson is hungry for something like that.

Martin says he is ready to build once he talks to the next mayor and solidifies the comitment

"We’d be ready to start that next minute”

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