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City council hears updates on local area improvement

Planners for the city’s community redevelopment agency gave updates to the city council on the progress of the agency’s the two projects this morning.

“Its good news for district one and district two has had it struggles but is making progress” says Mayor Jerry Gist.

The plans cover two area’s, district one covers mostly the Jackson walk, downtown and Lambuth areas and district two covers majority of East Jackson.

Mayor gist says the development of district one has proven him wrong with how successful its been

“Its been an amazing, amazing project. We had, and I may have been one of them, ones who really doubted that it would be as it is now with extended development.”

For district two, they have had issues getting new retail development in East Jackson, but a new space at Whitehall and F.E. Wright drive is to open up in the next few months.

Now its up to the community to support those businesses, according to the council

“People don’t want to make an investment into a community or location if they can’t get their return on investment, so its very important that when we get business in our community that we support the business in our community" according to Jackson City Councilman Johnny Dodd.

And one of the major keys for economic development in East Jackson, at leas according to the council and master planner, is the development of Lane College.

“I think Lane has been a pillar to East Jackson for years and I think we need to support lane.”

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