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Women graduate from the life healing choices program at the jail.

Ten women who are currently incarcerated, celebrated their graduation from the life healing choices program.

This program is a curriculum part of celebrate recovery and a voluntary class that the jail offers.

The women shared their stories and experiences through the nine week program and then received a certificate of completion.

“I feel like a brand new woman, I feel like I've changed, I feel like I've learned the secret to life,” says Bane.

Coty says she was hesitant about the program and never thought it would have affected her in the ways it did.

"But I was completely miserably failing at this thing called life," says Bane.

The ten women and their families are currently celebrating their graduation from the life's healing class

This program started in October of 2016 and has had close to 100 graduates, both men and women.

Judge Allen says that the goal of this class is to help them discover how their decisions brought them to where they are today, and how they can overcome those habits.

“Our hope and desire is that these ladies who complete the program will discover how god can use them to affect the lives of their children so that hopefully this cycle of destructive behavior will end at some point,” says Allen.

Judge Allen says that the large majority of those who have graduated have not re offended.

He says he is very proud of these women and the journey that they started with this class in January.

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