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The Music of Jackson!

Thursday, April 12

  • Tyler Goodson & Friends, Redbones, 6pm

  • Jackson Plectral Society, Casey Jones Village, 6:30pm

  • Generations Ensemble, The UofM-Lambuth, 7pm

  • Tatum Shapley, The Downtown Tavern, 7pm

  • Open Jam, Elks Lodge 192, 7pm

  • Karaoke, West Alley BBQ, 7pm

  • Bryan Moffitt, Blues Landing (Buchanan), 7pm

  • JC & Linda, First & Church Pub (Union City), 7pm

  • Open Mic w/ The Skeleton Krew, Cody’s, 8pm

  • Tap Out w/ Dave Thomas, The Tap, 9pm

Friday, April 13

  • Jacob Barker Music Festival, theAMP, 5-11pm

  • Lambuth Music Fest, UofM Lambuth, 5:30-11pm

  • Lady Sundown, TN River BBQ & Music Fest (Savannah), 5pm

  • Sean Quinn, Crown Winery, 6pm

  • Southern Fire Band, International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame, 7pm

  • Rev. Jessie & The Holy Smokes, Mulligans, 7pm

  • The Best of Deer Lake Acoustic, Samuel T. Bryant Distillery, 7pm

  • Tumbleweed Band, 641 (Camden), 7pm

  • Henry Gross, The NED, 7:30pm

  • Steve Short, Rita Mac & Joe Wallace, Bistro Eleven Sixty, 7:30pm

  • The Waiting, Redbones, 8pm

  • Johnny Mac, Blues Landing (Buchanan), 8pm

  • Jacked Lightning, TN River BBQ & Music Fest (Savannah), 8pm

  • Randall French, First & Church Pub (Union City), 8pm

  • Memphis Yahoos, The Naked Turtle, 9pm

  • The Skeleton Krew, UofM-Lambuth, 10pm

  • Better Half, The Downtown Tavern, 10pm

  • The Good Ole Boys w/ Bryan Moffitt, Cadillacs (Martin), 10pm

Saturday, April 14

  • Jacob Barker Music Festival, theAMP, 1-11pm

  • John Spears & A Band of Jones, TN River BBQ & Music Fest (Savannah), 1pm

  • Step N Tyme, TN River BBQ & Music Fest (Savannah), 2:30pm

  • Stumpwater, TN River BBQ & Music Fest, 5pm

  • No Time Flatt, Golden Circle Opry/South Jackson Community Center, 7pm

  • Lady Sundown, Downtown Tavern, 7pm

  • Steve Hopper, TN River BBQ & Music Fest, 7pm

  • Double Edge, Main Street Country (Humboldt), 7pm

  • Tumbleweed Band, Reagan Dance, 7pm

  • Bullet Town Trio, Bistro Eleven Sixty, 7:30pm

  • Beyond Blame, Redbones, 8pm

  • Windell Mask, Picassos, 8pm

  • Ray Lewis Band, Blues Landing (Buchanan), 8pm

  • Double or Nothin’, The Deuce (Lexington), 8pm

  • Oxford Street, First & Church Pub (Union City), 8pm

  • Karaoke, 731 Sports Bar, 9pm

  • Alan Warren Band, Ricochet Bar, 9pm

  • Dead Horse, TN River BBQ & Music Fest, 9pm

  • Will Burton, MT Bottles (Bradford), 9pm

  • Little Boys Blue, The Downtown Tavern, 10pm

  • Herz, Pine Ridge (Medon), 10pm

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