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The library had a live stream in tribute to the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's

The Jackson Madison County library had a live streaming in tribute to the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's assassination.

In Memphis, at the National Civil Rights Museum, where Dr. King was assassinated, the public reflected with a series of speakers and performances.

“And I think this is perfectly fitting for the legacy of a man who really stressed the importance of community and working together as a community to hold this in a place that is for the entire community,” says Spradlin.

Jenci Spradlin, who organized the live stream event, said the National Civil Rights museum was reaching out to communities across the country to see if they would host live streams of the event, and right away she knew that the library wanted to be a part of the commemoration.

"I just went ahead and put our information in and had us listen on their website that we were indeed going to be showing this event today," says Spradlin.

The live stream went on all day long and the library invited all the community members who were not able to make it to Memphis.

“They open up a whole lot of opportunities for us to see things and to do things that a lot of people unfortunately wouldn’t have been able to know,” says Watkins.

Mlk50 where do we go from here? Is the theme for the commemoration of dr kings assassination.

That was also the title of the last book he wrote and of the speech he delivered on august 16, 1967.

Themes included economic equity, education, justice and nonviolence, with the goal of the ceremony being to connect history to contemporary issues.

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