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Caring for chickens

Baby chicks are especially popular during the season of Easter.

They are sold in local stores like r and j feed for as little as two dollars and 50 cents.

A local family has six chickens and say that they make great family pets.

“They get along really well, the kids love picking them up, the chickens don’t mind. When we first got them they had to warm up to each other but even the dogs, having them around for a while have gotten used to them they don’t bother them as much," says Grow.

Grow says that the chickens need just as much attention as any other animal would.

"I go out there once a week and clean the entire cage and make sure you're keeping it dry and make sure they have water daily, make sure they're fed daily," says Grow.

R and J Feed sells chicks from march to may but they say that they get more attention during the week of Easter.

Easter is approaching and kids are buying chicks like this one but the reality is that it wont stay this small forever and its important to know how to properly take care of a chick.

Chicks are small and fluffy for a couple of months and then they grow their feathers and reach the full size of a chicken.

“Just try to be sure that people know that there’s a lot of care and that goes along with having any kind of animals you know, so it’s not just going to be like a weekend thing," says Kamp.

Kamp says that it is a good opportunity for kids to learn how to take care of things and be responsible.

If you plan on getting a baby chick this week, just remember in a couple of months it will be full grown and laying eggs.

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