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Habitat for Humanity in Gibson County is working on their first house in four years.

Habitat for humanity is in the process of building their first house in four years in Gibson County.

They have finished the framing, the next step is decking and roofing.

Local habitat for humanity president justin carr says although this is his first house, he doesn't plan on it being his last.

“We’re very excited that we’re building this house for the first time in four years and we’re hoping that this will get the momentum going so that we can build some more houses in Gibson County,” says Carr.

This 1288 square foot 4 bedroom house will be ready in August for Amanda Cannon and her three boys to move in.

Cannon, a single mother of three boys, was chosen for this project.

“So i filled out the application and sat in front of the board and we got it,” says Cannon.

She says her and her boys drive past the house every day.

"It was nothing and now every time its a little bit more. They just get so excited, it makes me feel good," says Cannon.

A familys life is being changed because of a group of volunteers that donate their time and labor.

Carr says that habitat for humanity is always in need of more volunteers.

Anyone, any age, and even people without experience can be a part of this project.

Once this house is finished in august, carr says they will find another one to start working on.

If you would like to be involved, you can contact them through facebook.

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