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Adient announces expansion of Lexington Plant

“Its been in the works for a while, and now it’s a reality.”

After months of planning and work, city of Lexington, Henderson county and Tennessee state officials announced that the automotive interior company Adient will be investing over ten million dollars into their Lexington facility.

That investment shows that Adient is committed to the relationship with the city of Lexington, according to county officials.

“they have a trust in our community that we will meet their needs. That our workers will meet their needs because their dedicated.”

The investment in the Adient facility will create approximately two hundred jobs in the county according to Tennessee economic and community development. Those jobs will have a trickle down effect in the community

“it’s tremendous for our community, we’re at about a five and a half percent unemployment rate for our community, this will help that. We will have restaurants, we will have shops moving merchandise to people who needed jobs who now have them.”

The investment by Adient also signals to other companies looking to move to Lexington, that if you come here, you’ll stay here.

“that’s one of our main selling tools of our community. We try to take care of all the industry and business that come into Henderson county, to meet their needs.”

Mayor Hughes adds that this investment in the community reveals something about the community.

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