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Southside High School receives a bomb threat and evacuates immediately.

Southside High School started evacuating the school after receiving a bomb threat.

The Jackson Police Department says that they got a call around 9:26 am

Students were evacuated to the football field immediately where they waited for the school to be searched and cleared.

Student Eryka Yancey says she knew it wasn’t a drill when they pulled them out during a pre-SAT.

"We were all like what’s going on and then when we got to the football stadium everybody started calling their parents and that’s when we found out it was a bomb threat and we were just like we have to call our parents this is really important this is obviously not a drill," says Yancey

Southside High School parents rushed to the football field to pick up their kids after they heard about the threat. They told me they were terrified when they heard the news.

"I don’t know, I’m considering homeschool because it’s a lot of different thing going on in the schools right now and I’m afraid for her safety," says Williams.

The criminal investigation division and Jackson police department bomb sniffing k-9 units swept the campus and didn’t find a bomb.

Students and staff went back to class about two hours later.

Jackson police department says that this is still an ongoing investigation.

They still don’t have a suspect and haven’t made an arrest.

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