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Buddy White opens up his home and invites Rose Hill students for an egg hunt.

Rose Hill kindergartners had a different Friday than usual, they spent it Easter egg hunting and playing on swings.

Buddy White and his wife Mary invited kindergartners from rose hill elementary school for an egg hunt.

The kids participated in an Easter egg hunt in his backyard and then enjoyed the swings and slides.

Buddy was Jackson Madison county’s superintendent a couple years ago and Mary currently works at Rose Hill elementary school.

They have been doing this for a couple years now and say they hope to continue the tradition.

“And my wife Mary is still in the school there at rose hill, still working so we’re in touch and it’s always good to be a part of the school feel like you’re a part of the schools,” says White

Rose Hill kindergarteners say that they’re enjoying themselves while being challenged to find only the eggs with their names on them in buddy’s backyard.

“These are young children and have to be able to recognize their name to find the eggs that they get to keep so they certainly have to know how to read their name before they can be very successful today,” says White.

Rose hills kindergarteners say they enjoyed Buddy’s invitation and all the activities.

“I like to see my whole class and my whole friends being with me Easter hunting and I like Easter hunting,” says Mayla.

Buddy’s Easter egg hunt first started with children from Nova school but after it closed down, they started inviting kids from Rose Hill.

He says it doesn’t take much to do this for the children, it was simply him and his wife opening up their home.

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