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Small Businesses Learn to Grow Through Social Media at the Biz Tech Road Show

Adelsberger marketing focuses on social media, websites, photography, and everything else in digital space.

The CO and Adelsberger Marketing partnered and are focusing on teaching local businesses to grow through social media.

“I hope they start using social media better so my call to action at the end is to just start doing it because some people either ignore it or don’t spend enough time on it or don’t even invest any ad dollars on it so at this point if you’re not doing any of those things, you’re behind so I’m encouraging everybody to get up to speed and get going,” says Adelsberger

Local marketing entrepreneur is currently on the fourth stop of his biz tech road show.

Adelsberger advises businesses to start posting to social media just a couple of times a week and says that investing just 10 to 20 dollars on ads can end in big results.

And if you’re not very social media savvy, he encourages you to learn.

“And so I just need knowledge and I’m hoping that this luncheon/informational series will just help me to be a little more comfortable in navigating the social media world,” says Causey.

Causey attended the workshop to prepare her business for its grand opening in the Spring.

Many other businesses attended the biz tech road show and left with a full stomach and new knowledge.

Tomorrow they will be in Lauderdale County.

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