How to protect your personal data online

Facebook’s data breach of over Fifty Million accounts may only be a week old, but there are still questions about how safe your data is.

Information technology experts here in Jackson say that when you sign up for an account, its hard to know what your giving up.

“A lot of times when people sign up for Facebook, they don’t read the agreements, and things of that nature. Facebook doesn’t really disclose that information either, so it makes it really difficult to interpret what you’re actually signing up for" says Zach Coleman, president of Tailored Networks in Jackson.

Coleman adds that one of the main parts of Facebook where data is shared with an outside party is though some of the sites social apps.

“when people do games or quizzes and asking for a lot more personal information, a lot more of that information is going to go out.”

If you want to check what apps have access to your Facebook account information, all you have to do is go to settings, click apps on the left hand bar and there you will have a list of all apps that have your Facebook attached to them. From here you can determine what apps know what information.

Experts say that one of the best things you can do to safe guard our information is to make sure you read every agreement with a site that wants your information.

“you kinda need to at least skim through and make sure there isn’t something you don’t agree with" according to Dr. Thomas Pigg of Jackson State.

Dr. Pigg adds that you should also be cautious of what you put out there, because people and companies can get access to more information then you think.

“they’re going to be able to get whatever information you make public, and I think some people are unaware of that. Most people think when they post that info an only be seen by your friends.”

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