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UT Martin's band tries a different approach

The band is changing multiple aspects from the way they currently do things and breaking the norm

They plan to go from three rehearsals to only one rehearsal on Friday afternoons.

Music majors will be required to be a part of the band 2 years instead of 4, and a uniform will no longer be a part of their attire.

"We want to focus on less time commitment more focus on the music and just on the fun aspects of it. I think this could be a really fun ensemble that students will want to be a part of so people are scared of change and I know that I get that but you don’t know if you don’t try," says Hill.

This is a combined effect of low funding and wanting to completely focus on just the music, not the marching.

Dr. Hill says she is doing this because she truly believes it’s the best thing for the band and for its members

The athletic band at UT Martin, otherwise known as the flock will be starting its new approach in the fall of 2018.

The non traditional take also hopes to attract more non majors to join.

"I’m trying to recruit as many non majors as i can because now since there’s a significantly less time commitment more non majors can be a part of it and they can be a part of this awesome new experience," says Cheshier.

This is currently creating a lot of positive and negative feedback but Dr. Hill says that after being a traditional band for decades, it’s time to try something new.

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