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The CO goes on wheels

The CO is using its grant from the state and creating three mobile platforms.

Inside the mobile STEM buses you can experience virtual reality, drones, robots, 3D printing, and more.

Within the next 18 months they will head to all 19 distressed counties in Tennessee and to over half of the 33 that are considered to be at risk.

“So we’re basically trying to get them to know about the jobs of the future basically like they grew up with technology but teaching them how they can take that technology and they enjoy and that they’re passionate about,” says Pittman.

Their goal is to prepare rural communities for emerging jobs by exposing them to the technology and machines that are becoming more demanding.

“If we can just impact one student out of the 500 that we see in a day, that’s enough to make this whole project worth it. If that kid can now grow up and know his path and know her path in terms of which tech field they want to pursue,” says Drogosh.

This bus will be travelling all over Tennessee, hoping to inspire kids with technology like Baxter.

“My favorite part is seeing a kids face light up when they’re in front of technology that they might not get to experience in their home towns so it’s like a kid in a candy shop, they’re ecstatic,” says Drogosh.

The wheels on this bus started going round and round less than two months ago.

The other two buses are currently under construction and will be directed towards a different audience like small business owners and entrepreneurs.

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