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Restaurants and local police prepare for St. Patricks Day

Restaurants and bars are preparing for St. Patricks day on Saturday.

Rock'n Dough will have food specials and they will even have beer specifically brought in for the holiday.

“These are both going to be seasonal, one offs, just for the holiday,” says Gordon White

A lot of other bars around town are going to have specials and there will even be a bar crawl.

It will start at the Chandelier at five and make its way to Rock'n Dough, Blacksmith, West Alley Barbecue all the way down to the Downtown Tavern.

If you plan on drinking this weekend for St. Patrick’s Day be sure to have a designated driver because there will be extra eyes on the road.

“Pretty much so if they’re out there they see it they’re going to write up but if you get stopped and you’ve been drinking we’re going to give you a nice warm place to sleep,” says Sgt. Gill.

The Tennessee highway safety office is helping out so the sheriff’s office can put more deputies on the road.

Sergeant Gill wants people to have fun this weekend hopes they think about their safety and others safety first.

“If they want to go out and have a good time we encourage that but we also encouragehaving a designated driver if you’re going to go out and drink and drive,” says Sgt. Gill.

Sergeant Gill said that last year the city had a good St. Patrick’s Day free of fatalities and they hope they can say the same thing after this weekend.

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