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March for our Lives compared to other protests in American history

"Do The Write Thing," a local youth violence prevention program was a part of the march and students commented on just how powerful they believe the movement is.

“So yes I believe there will be some laws being changed because young people care a lot about what is going on and we fear for our safety,” says Jah'Karious Conley.

March for our lives joins Americas historic protests and professor at Jackson State Community College compares its similarities to the Vietnam War.

“It's kind of like the Vietnam War. A lot of people came back from the war and had scars on their hearts and their minds and they turned against the war but there were also a lot of young people that saw these people coming back and the damage that it did to them and they were determined that when they were 18 they were voting against the war, and they weren’t going to war," says Dr. Gundersen.

City councilman Ernest Brooks who is chair and founder of "Do The Write Thing," also believes that change started with young people in the past and it is starting with them now.

“Many of those protests started with young people, Vietnam, the Civil Rights movement, and now March for our Lives, our young people are empowered, they're very passionate, and as we’ve seen they’ve been able to make substantial change here in the us and especially in Florida,” says Brooks II

9th graders Conley and Bansi Govin who marched this weekend and are a part of "Do The Write Thing" hope that they too can affect history and say that these are not their last efforts.

Conley even hopes to become a politician some day so he can first handedly make some changes.

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