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Walk Across Tennessee

Today marks the start of this 8 week long fitness journey.

The goal is not to walk across the country but to reach the equivalent number of miles that it would take.

The point of this is not to count your steps but to put some intentional and additional exercise into your life.

Whether the goal is to improve their overall wellness, manage their health conditions or control their weight, Tennesseans participate for a variety of reasons.

EJ Shelton shares that the reason he participates is for the kids at the boys and girls club.

“We thought that it was something that we could do for the kids as well. Actually show them the adults trying to be healthy because we push that at our clubs. We have a whole gym facility and so we thought it’d be great if we lead by example. We exercise everyday and then promote them to exercise every day,” says Shelton.

Walk across Tennessee hopes that after this 8 week period people can maintain a healthy lifestyle, and turn this into a habit.

"Well, with doing it for this length of time, it does help people, if they really get involved with it to form the habit of physical activity. Planning it, making it a part of their day, also with healthy eating and that sort of thing but that’s the biggest thing just getting it to be a habit," says Elizer.

Participants met to pick up their t shirts, learn how to stretch, get information on healthy eating and walk their first mile.

You have until Wednesday

to find three other people and join the 500 mile long fitness challenge.

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