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Job fairs during record low unemployment rate

The unemployment rate is currently the lowest that it has ever been at 3.3%, according to the bureau of labor statistics.

Several companies attented a job fair today searching for possible employees.

“I came to the job fair because we have several positions that we are recruiting for,” says Labar.

28 different companies were present today and some were even interviewing on the spot.

“You know there is a need and i’m sure we’re not the only ones that are looking for people by the look of the job fair today. So yeah, the unemployment rate has definitely affected the vacancies and jobs that are available today,” she says

Labar says that she has hired fourty to fifty percent of the employees at her company through a job fair so it is a method she is not giving up on.

Tennessee is 12th in the country for lowest unemployment, with Hawaii being number one.

With the unemployment rate being at one of its lowest points, employers attend job fairs hoping to find people with the right qualifications to fill the abundance of open positions.

“That does hurt us a little bit because that tells us that most good quality candidates are working so we kind of have to work with what’s kind of left in the community from a workforce standpoint so we just have to get a little bit more creative on finding good quality folks to go to work,” says Moffett.

A low unemployment rate means that it is more difficult for employers to find prospects.

Even if it is a small percentage of people looking for jobs, job fairs help connect them to the employers looking to hire.

“As long as those employers are needing positions, needing employees to fill those positions i think there’s always going to be a need for that interactive meeting,” says Wood.

Wood coordinates a job fair about once a month to give employers the opportunity to find people who are willing and suitable to fill their positions.

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