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Jackson Madison library receives a STEM grant.

The 34-hundred dollar stem grant

will allow the library to launch its stem leap initiative.

The purchase of learning kits, robots and raspberry pie kits to teach coding are fundamental to hands-on teaching.

Areas of focus include science, technology, engineering, and math.

The library partnered with the co and the keep my hood good campaign to provide high quality training for students.

The keep my hood good program allows underprivileged students who may not have had the appropriate resources or access to be able learn, explore and play with stem education.

Founder and executive director juanita jones says this gift is almost unimaginable.

“You know, just a dream that they would have never been able to capture if it was not for the partnership with the co and the library, so this would be a dream come true,” says Jones..

The library isn’t all about books, the stem initiative will include hands on training for people of all ages.

“But we’re also buying a lot of technology tools and fun things to create hands on stem kits that the entire community can use. Things like making makey, programmable computers, different kinds of robots, 3d pens,” says Spradlin.

The libraries goal is to inspire young inventors and build the community’s confidence and understanding of stem education.

The programs and workshops are provided at no cost.

"I think that’s what makes Jackson so unique. It’s that there are these organizations in our community that do such great work in so many different areas," says Spradlin.

Everyone is invited to attend an open house at the main library on april 23rd from 4-6 pm.

There you can learn more about upcoming stem programs and explore the new stem learning kits.

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