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Humboldt Library adult program

The adult program at C. S. Patterson visited the Humboldt public library today.

The library not only holds events for children, they regularly have events directed towards Adults as well.

C.S. Patterson attends the adult program at least once a week and they do things like play with puzzles, color, and even play bingo.

These community based activities are designed to enable those in the program to become more independent, integrated and engaged with their surroundings.

"I love my job, we come to Humboldt library today to do different activities and Humboldt library treats us good, they treat our clients good they love working with them and we appreciate everything they do for us," according to Alisa Belmont.

Belmont has a group of three people that she is in charge of. She says that the library is a place that multiple groups at c.S. Patterson make sure they come to on a weekly basis.

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