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Jackson-Madison County NAACP Investigates Police Misconduct

The Jackson-Madison County NAACP Branch is investigating a citizen complaint that alleges police misconduct by Jackson Police Officers. The victim was stopped on Friday, March 9th at Highland and Tucker Street for a headlight infraction. The officer and other arriving officers allegedly used excessive force in the arrest. The Jackson NAACP Branch has learned that there is an internal police department investigation is in process and that the officer has been suspended.

The Branch and the Jackson Police department has a good working relationship and we are pleased that over the last few years our joint efforts has resulted in the department obtaining and wearing body cameras. In this case "body Cams" were being worn by the officers and this evidence will help determine the outcome of the internal investigation to determine if the officer (s) involved were operating in accordance with department policies and procedures.

The Branch will continue to monitor the outcome of this and all other investigations that involve an alleged misuse of force or any other officer misconduct.

Founded in 1909 by a diverse group of citizens committed to helping to right social injustice, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is the oldest, largest and most widely recognized community-based civil rights organization in the United States.

For More Information Contact:

Jackson Madison County NAACP Branch Office

(731) 927.7004 Office, (731) 927.7003 Fax or

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