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Prepare for a flood

Floods may not be preventable but there are several things that you can do to stay safe when they occur.

Make sure you have assembled an emergency preparedness kit.

Create an evacuation plan and don’t forget to include your pets.

Be prepared to evacuate if a warning is issued.

Kyle has seen some hazardous situations and wants to help the community understand the dangers that a flood can bring.

“We had a situation where it flooded a basement and the problem was the homeowners almost went downstairs into the water, it was about four feet deep and the problem was there was electronics and different things there that if they had actually gotten into the water it would’ve electrocuted them and the would’ve probably died,” says Kyle

Safety tips and precautions are very important to keep in mind so you can be as prepared as possible for the next flood.

“Just definitely be careful. Never assume that wither your vehicle or you are strong enough to walk through flood waters. Always assume that there could be potential electrical safety hazards, you never want to get electrocuted and you would never want to just walk through water you have to realize it could be contaminated and that could potentially make you sick,” he advises.

You can download the red cross emergency app to receive emergency alerts and information about flooding as well as other disasters.

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