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Schools prepare for severe weather.

"Jackson here in the last 10-15 years has experienced tornadoes. A lot of the students especially in our schools, our elementary schools, they weren’t born at that time so they have no clue what kind of disaster could take place in the event that there is a tornado," says Michael Morris

Safety plans are frequently reviewed and the safety committee has meetings to make sure all the schools in the district are in compliance and conduct drills properly and in the same manner.

After seeing the destruction of a tornado first hand, the Principal at Arlington Elementary wants to make sure that her students are prepared for anything.

“I saw the destruction of what happened in my classroom, the aftermath. Luckily that was on a Sunday and students were not at school but I want them to understand that you have to take these things seriously so we’re trying to treat every drill as if it were the real thing,” says Kippi Jordan.

This is the third tornado drill that Arlington elementary has practiced this year and they plan to have another one in the Spring. It is also recommended that families prepare a tornado drill at home

“I would just want them to talk about that at home and even develop a plan at home of where they go at home if there were to be a tornado,” says Jordan

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