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Parragon is coming to an end.

The internationally known children’s books company Parragon is coming to the end of a chapter. The book on the business is expected to close by the end of summer.

General manages Randy Watkins says, "You know the costs are going up and the selling price has slipped over the years as well so i guess at some point is comes to an end."

Watkins says its due to the amount of competition and technology replacing books.

Parragon will shutdown all of its locations, including New York, the UK, Germany, Hong Kong and Australia.

Javin arrington has been employed as an inventory auditor for two years, he says the news is difficult to swallow but is keeping his head up.

"Looking forward to the future, just trying to stay optimistic and taking it one day at a time and we just love it here at Parragon," says Arrington.

Arrington describes his time at parragon as “one of the best jobs he's ever had.”

Parragon, a company that has been distributing children’s books for more than 16 years, according to general manager watkins looks to be winding down by the end of summer.

Watkins says many of the employees have been here since the opening in 2006. He take the shutdown personally since he hire most of the staff.

The parent company, dc thompson, still has a lease obligation on both the building and the equipment for three more years.

Watkins hopes to find a company that can take over and even keep the current employees.

He says anyone looking to distribute from Tennessee would be get a bargain on both the facility and workforce.

"The team here is the biggest asset that someone could pick up. I mean, they’re staying as motivated and hopeful as possible. And they know that we’re going to fight to try and find something," says Watkins.


Nbc 39 news spoke with watkins after his meeting with the chamber and the department of economic and community development and he says that in a few days, the location will be offered worldwide.

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