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JMCSS Students take part in the Do the Write Thing kickoff

It was almost like a scene out of a football pep rally at Rose Hill Middle school today.

The kids took part in the kickoff of Councilman Earnest Brooks's Do the Write Thing program, which aims to help curb youth violence in student's homes, schools and community by encouraging them to talk about their experiences.

"Over seven thousand kids have taken the challenge to write about youth violence to tell us the causes, how it has affected their lives and most importantly what are some of their solutions to youth violence."

The do the write ting program has been active in Madison county for 12 years. Councilman Brooks says they have seen a decrease in youth violence since the start of the program.

"We have seen a decrease in violence and the number of incidents as well as the severity so the program is working here in Jackson-Madison county."

The program has students submit an experience that they have had with youth violence which is judged by a panel with two students from each program across the state chosen to be national representatives.

The two students who were last year's national representatives from Madison county spoke to the rose hill middle schoolers.

They shared some insight to the Rose Hill students on what they wrote about and how the students can deal with youth violence, such as bullying, in their life.

"I hope they realize that when their bullied they're not the only one. There are other people out there and there are other people they can talk too."

"Be outspoken, don't be shy. Get out of you comfort zone."

Students who submit writings to the do the write thing program will have a chance to visit Washington D.C and take part in a national banquet for the program.

To learn more, you can contact Councilman Brooks at

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