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JCM Early College High School recieves grant from Toyota

"That they would take part in a program such as this really makes me feel pretty good."

Dallas Jones is a sophomore at JCM Early College High and takes part in their advanced manufacturing program.

The school just received an almost twenty dollar grant from Toyota Bodine, most of which will go towards improving the technology the students have access too.

"We've already started purchasing some items, a laser etcher that we will have soon, some update computers some software and a few other hands on things, we really want our students to have some hands opportunities in that area."

The new equipment will also allow students to get more of a day to day experience with the equipment.

"We don't have to take them off site to see and to use, there will be items that they get to use on a daily basis."

Students agree that the new equipment will help better prepare them for their potential future careers.

"It will really help us get a better grip on technologies, especially ones that are used in the work force."

For Toyota Bodine, this grant represents both an encouragement of students to join the manufacturing workforce as well as a continued investment in the Jackson community.

"Toyota is all about making a better community. We value our corporate partners and we want to be a strong corporate citizen. We're all here to make the community a better place."

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