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Madison county flood warnings

The sun may have been out but flooding is still a concern in Madison county as this driver found out this afternoon.

He told me off camera that he had tried to cross Boone lane and the current pushed him off the road.

The accident illustrates an important point if you are trying to cross a submerged road.

"It takes very little water to float a vehicle. If there is any current or whatever in it, it can easily push the car off the road."

Madison County fire chief Eric Turner says that even with the end of the rain, people need to be aware of the river levels and road conditions.

"The river is still on the rise and a lot of these roads may not be covered in water today but you may travel back through there tonight and it'll be on the road before you know it."

With the expectation that the south fork forked deer is continuing to rise, county officials say you may also want to start planning if your house is prone to flooding.

"Anybody at this time who hasn't moved out of their house and they know their houses flood, they need to be out now go ahead and make those preparations and get out now" says EMA director Marty Clements.

And Madison county officials say that if you encounter a road like Boone lane where water has crossed onto the road yo do one simple thing, turn around and don't drown.

"We encourage people, do not drive around the barriers. Turn around, don't drown. There is a reason for that saying."

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