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JMCSS and County officials speak on school safety protocols

« name super - cg#: $$$$ (eznews) {channel: 1} Sheriff john mehr Madison county sheriff's department

"One of the things we want parents to know is that we want them to stay informed. We want them to know that every school has a plan in place."

With the tragedy in Florida still fresh in the mind, Jackson Madison county school system is taking stock of their crisis plans in case the worst happens.

"In lieu of yesterday it's making us go back and look at our plans even more. It's better to be proactive then re-active" according to district safety coordinator Michael Morris.

The schools system held a safety check with local law enforcement at Issac Lane elementary just two weeks ago to better assess its plans for the school. This is part of the district's plan to tailor each crisis plan to the specific school.

"Every school has a lock down procedure, they look different because the schools are different but there are things teacher know to do with their children in the even something occurs."

Another aspect of the plan is that Madison County Sheriff's department has student resource officers or SRO's stationed at majority of the schools in the district .

The department, including the SRO's have periodic training year round to prepare for crisis situations.

"We do lots of different training on these scenarios throughout the whole year and the SRO's are involved with it. Training is something we really emphasize in this department."

Sheriff Mehr says he also has his SRO's emphasize building relationships with the students and teachers in the school they're stationed with to help give the SRO's a heads up on any potential issues within the school

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