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Randy Boyd makes law enforcment announcement with MCSO and JPD

Gubernatorial candidate Randy Boyd was in Jackson to announce his law enforcement coalition. The press release from the event is included below.

Jackson, Tenn. – Randy Boyd, Republican candidate for Governor, announced the leadership team for his statewide law enforcement coalition today that includes 45 sheriffs, police chiefs, and district attorneys who will be advising Boyd on public safety issues in Tennessee.

Over the course of the campaign, Boyd has worked closely with law enforcement leaders to help craft his 10 Point plan to combat the state’s opioid crisis. He also hosted a series of public safety roundtables across the state to collaborate with law enforcement leaders on issues including ways to reduce violent crime, enacting truth in sentencing reforms, and support officer recruitment and retention, among others.

“Randy has taken every opportunity to meet with law enforcement and be an early partner in public safety solutions,” said Madison County Sheriff John Mehr. “Tennessee needs a bold leader who is not only ready to tackle the opioid crisis, but can also bring swift action to other serious concerns including violent crime,” said Mehr.

The coalition announcement was held at the West Tennessee Training Center to emphasize the importance of cultivating and investing in Tennessee public safety personnel who are leading public safety efforts on the front lines.

“Law enforcement officials will have a strong voice in my administration,” said Randy Boyd. “None of our goals for jobs and education matter if we can’t end this opioid crisis and if our neighborhoods aren’t safe. That requires partnering with the officers and personnel who are fighting this fight every day on the front lines, and I look forward to working with them,” said Boyd.

Today’s announcement is another example of Boyd’s strong, grassroots approach as the law enforcement officials endorsing Boyd today joins a long list of previously announced grassroots endorsements, including 110 county and city mayors and a 21 member veterans coalition leadership team both announced last year.

“Randy is the kind of leader who hears what we have to say and isn’t afraid to get tough on crime,” said Jackson Police Chief Julian Wiser. “We need that toughness but we also need someone who is focused on solutions for our officers and our communities, and that is Randy Boyd.”

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