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Recently Friends of Heart, a fund of the West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation, placed three more automated external defibrillators (AED) in the West Tennessee area. Journey Church in Three-Way, Faith Baptist Church in Chester County, and Parkburg Baptist Church in Pinson were all the recipients of the new machines.

One of the four main goals of Friends of Heart is to provide the community with live-saving resources. Since July 2017, Friends of Heart has placed 12 AED machines in public rural areas throughout West Tennessee.

These devices recalibrate deadly heart rhythms of a person who has gone into cardiac arrest. They can mean the difference between life and death, especially in rural areas where it can take EMS longer to arrive. The AEDs are simple to use and can be operated without a medical professional present.

About the Foundation: The Foundation began in 1984 and is an independent community foundation that provides resources for almost 700 charitable interests. Funds for the staff and general operational expenses come as a gift through West Tennessee Healthcare to encourage charitable giving for good causes. The staff of five provides leadership for three community boards and numerous fundraisers for Foundation-sponsored activities.

For more information about Friends of Heart or to become a member, visit


Caption: Emily Garner, Clinical Manager for West Tennessee Heart and Vascular Center (left front) and Frank McMeen, President of The Foundation (right front) present members of Faith Baptist Church in Chester County with an AED.

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