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TBI Academy Accepting Applications

The TBI Citizens’ Academy is accepting applications for the academy beginning in May in Nashville.

The Citizens’ Academy is an opportunity to provide a hands-on approach to members of the community who want a better understanding of the TBI.

Each year, we hold a position for a member of the media who may be interested in learning more about how the TBI works.

You’ll learn from Agents about how we get involved in investigations, and how the process works. You’ll even have a chance to work a staged crime scene. You’ll learn more about cyber crime, human trafficking, drug investigations, the role the Tennessee Fusion Center plays in fighting crime, and much more.

The Academy takes place Tuesday nights in May, at the TBI Headquarters in Nashville. There is also a gun range/ firearms training day scheduled (tentatively) for Saturday, May 12th.

The link below will tell you more about the Academy, and contains the application form.

Selections will be made in February, so apply now if you are interested.

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