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Local Colleges talk about snow plans

Schools out for winter?

That has been the case here in Jackson and West Tennessee due to the snow that swept over the region in the past week.

Jackson State Community College will re-open its doors to students Friday for the first time in the week, mostly due to the commuter status of most of the students and staff.

"We need to be very cognoscente of where people live and even our employees who drive as much as an hour to work everyday" says Dr. Larry Bailey, Vice-President of Academic Affairs for Jackson State.

Dr. Bailey says that the loss of instruction time won't be felt as hard because a lot of the class content is stored online through a program called E learning.

"Many of our faculty have been conduction their classes online using a system we have called e learning. We basically have all our classes loaded into the e-learning system and most faculty have class materials, assignments and things like that that student have access to."

It was a little different story here at Freed Hardeman Univeristy, they only got one day off of school mostly because eighty five percent of their students live on campus.

"The most of our students live on campus, the majority of them so we very seldom cancel classes this time with the break most students were coming back from Christmas break so we did delay things one day" says Dr. Larry Scott, head of Student Services for Freed Hardeman.

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