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JTA Helps Commuters on Snowy Days

For those who depend on public transportation to get around town, you may be just as concerned about being out on the snowy roads as local drivers are.

Although Jackson Transit Authority doesn’t use snow tires on its busses. Drivers are taking Tuesday’s routes nice and easy and working hard to get people where they need to go.

Our busses are running and they plan on running all week, and we’re hoping that they’ll run from 6 am to 10 pm. We just can’t guarantee, if something should happen, if the roads get icy…we have to look at safety first.

JTA says a big issue when its busses drive in snow is cars stopping suddenly in front of them…and because busses are heavy and roads in the area tend to be sloped…they can slide and get stuck.

Getting a bus to go straight when it wants to go a little down the slope is a little tricky, but our drivers are professional drivers, and they do everything in their power to get the bus running safely and on time as best as they can.

Regardless of setbacks…JTA staff is doing all it can right now to help you make a safe and timely commute.

Our operations people are here at 4 am, and they’re checking the routes, and they’re checking to see how they can get the busses out by six am, to make sure that people who must get to work by 7 can

For information on bus routes...head to ride or call 731-423-0200.

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