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Jackson Non-profits react to snow

"The soup kitchen is open 365 days a year, snow, sleet, rain, we're open."

RIFA was one of a handful of non-profits that stayed at least partially open during the past weeks harsh weather.

Their soup kitchen has been open all week even despite lower then normal volunteer help due to the weather.

"As far as volunteers in the soup kitchen go, we do see a lower number of people come volunteer just because of the road conditions" said Lindsay Dawkins of RIFA.

Lindsay says that a big reason why they work so had to keep the soup kitchen open is that it offers more to the less fortunate in Jackson then just a hot meal.

Its not just a place that we can feed people, its a safe place for them, a warm place where they can come and stay.

"This is a place where they can get off the streets and out of the cold for the half a day and be able to just have some community."

Safe Harbor is another one of the non-profits here in Jackson that has been affected by the cold and the snow. They have had to turn their normal four hour a day operation into a 24 hour warming center to keep Jackson residents taken care of.4

"We've kept extended hours, our volunteers are not used to that, our supplies are being depleted quicker, but we feel like we've kept people from freezing to death" says Lee Guagh, Director of Safe Harbour

Gaugh added that safe harbor will continue to serve as a warming station despite how heavily the extended hours have taken out of their budget .

"Anytime it drops below 20 degrees, we are going to be a warming station."

Both RIFA and safe harbor asked that if you are interested in donating or volunteering you time to reach out at and through the West Tennessee healthcare foundation respectively.

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