TVA Asks Consumers for Voluntary Reductions in Power Use

TVA Asks Consumers for Voluntary Reductions in Power Use

JACKSON, Tenn. – Extreme cold temperatures have caused a tight power supply situation, and TVA is asking all electric power consumers to reduce their use of electricity as much as possible until further notice.

The voluntary reduction is needed to help ensure a continued supply of power to essential services throughout the Tennessee Valley region and avoid interruptions in service.

TVA is using all available resources, purchasing available power from neighboring utilities, and crews from TVA and local power companies are working around the clock to make power available to consumers.

TVA and local power companies also have cut back on power use in their facilities by adjusting thermostats; reducing lighting and taking other measures to reduce electricity consumption.

Officials of the 158 local power companies in the Tennessee Valley are asking all electric power consumers‑‑residential, commercial and industrial‑‑to cooperate in reducing power usage during this critical situation. Consumers should:

● Postpone using electric appliances such as dishwashers, dryers and cooking equipment.

● Reduce the use of heating by adjusting thermostats

to 60o F.

● Turn off lights, appliances and other electrical equipment not needed.

Status reports on the power situation will be provided on local radio and TV for the duration of the power shortage.

TVA is the nation’s largest public power provider and is completely self-financed. TVA provides power to large industries and 158 power distributors that serve approximately 8.5 million consumers in seven southeastern states. TVA also manages the Tennessee River and its tributaries to provide multiple benefits, including flood control, navigation, water quality and recreation.

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