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New cell phone law goes into effect

"The new year means new laws, if you see on of the school zones signs up and active, its time to put away that cell phone or risk paying a fine."

"The basis of this law is to keep from being distracted and being on your phone can be a distraction in your car. You got a school zone going and there can be pedestrian traffic, a reduced speed limit so the focus is to get people off their cell phone and on a hands free device.

If you are caught using your cellphone in the school zone area it is now considered class c misdemeanor and will result in a 50 dollar fine.

State representative Jimmy Eldridge supported the bill saying it was common sense legislation to keep people safe.

"I did support the bill because I believe its good safety, good common sense legislation. People need to have their hands on the steering wheel and paying attention and not be distracted by holding a cell phone or dialing. This is to protect our pedestrians out there, our parents out there, and our teachers and children out there."

Sargent Joe gill says that the sheriff's department will have deputies on site looking for people on their phone.

"We'll have deputies in school zones, they'll be watching traffic and the people in the car. There are a lot of people who don't think we see what is going on but we do seeing people not wearing their seat belts, we see people talking on their cell phones, we see people eating food and not steering using their knee to steer."

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