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Memorial Sign in Honor of Griggs Family

A family killed two years ago by drunk driver is remembered as holiday driving season approaches.

On October 12, 2015, William Griggs, Kassidy Leonard, and their 12 day old infant, Kimberlynn Griggs, were traveling north bound on Highway 13 when an impaired driver crossed the center line striking their vehicle. That day 3 lives were lost due to the senseless violent crime of impaired driving.

There were 223 deaths due to impaired driving in Tennessee during 2016, 223 preventable deaths. Drunk driving is still the #1 cause of deaths on our roadways. Someone is injured every 2 minutes by and impaired driver and a life is lost every 51 minutes to impaired drivers in the United States.

This month, a memorial sign was erected in honor of the Griggs family

On December 22nd, 2017 Mothers Against Drunk Driving® (MADD) Tennessee remembered William Griggs, Kassidy Leonard, Kimberlynn Griggs, with their loved ones, and the Tennessee Department of Transportation by placing a roadside memorial sign. The recognition took place a the Compassion Church in Waverly.

For those personally impacted by drunk driving, drugged driving and underage drinking consequences, MADD Victim Services are available at no charge, serving one person every fifteen minutes through local victim advocates and MADD’s 24- Hour Victim Help Line, 1- 877-MADD-HELP

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