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More Tennesseans Hit the Road

Most people across the nation started their holiday travel on Wednesday and Thursday of this week Triple-A-Motor is predicting that Tennesseans will be up at least three percent.

It was not a good travel day in Madison county. It wasn't snowing or freezing rain, but fog and rain made visibility difficult. That didn't stop Sevi Paris and family. We found them here at the rest area. They were driving from New Jersey to Austin, Texas

According to Triple-A Motor, more 2.6 Tennesseans will travel more than 50 miles, most of them by automobiles

Triple-A spokesperson Stephanie Milani says gas prices in Tennessee are at $2.23 a gallon. Last year at on Christmas Day they sat at 2.09 a gallon.

Lt. Brad Wilbanks has been working patrol almost 29 years. Many of those on Christmas.

He says speed is the number one threat to drivers. Wilbanks begs drivers to slow down.

Triple-A says confidence in the economy has improved from a year ago. Milani says one reason travel may be up is that this is a non-election year. Last years uncertainty may have kept travelers at home.

If you are traveling during the holidays, Tennessee Highway Patrol says wearing your seat belt is the best tool you have in your car for protection.

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