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Elvis Tribute Artist sings for Amy

“A shock, a last-minute shock, I wasn't expecting anything like that”, says Amy Riggins.

Riggins and her mother are huge Elvis fans. So,

Dresden resident Amy Riggins says, “it started four to five years ago when we moved to Memphis, I started getting these wounds. I can't be under any sun, the UV rays burn me, I can't be under florescent lights”

Amy's and her mother have visited over ten different doctors about her condition but have yet to find any answers she is now confined to her room which is kept dark at 60 degrees at all time to prevent any more sores which has started to take a toll on her emotionally

Debera Dowdy says, ““its draining, it’s very sad for her no to be able to get out”

For Amy and her mother, they have found comfort in their Elvis fandom. Friends they have made through being fans of the king have been sending Amy letters and cards of encouragement as well as little angles to hang around the house

That is what brought Gib Maynard, the Elvis tribute artist who visited Amy into the picture. His fan club heard Amy’s story and raised funds to send him to Dresden

The outpouring of support has shown the two how much their friends care about them

Amy says, “she realizes there are lot of good people who care about her. We've found out how much people love us and care. We know we have a lot of friends through Elvis week and now they’re coming to help us.

The next step for Amy is to visit a dermatologist at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville in 2018 to see if they can get more answers on her condition.

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