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Dr. Rolando Toyos speaks at Youth Town

Youth Town treatment center held its end of the year banquet this afternoon which featured a u-s senatorial candidate as the keynote speaker.

Dr. Rolando Toyos, a physician based in Memphis, spoke to the crowd at the Youth Town auditorium about his journey to becoming a surgeon, as well as his views on the current health care issues and the opioid crisis.

Toyos says his experience in all aspects of the medical field would allow him to help simplify the health care issue.

"So I kind of see it from the hospital side, the clinic side, the small business side, the doctor side and the healthcare professional side and I can tell them that there are things in our system right now that we can fix without a ten thousand page document or ten thousand page bill."

Toyos added he wants to enter the race to bring a voice that isn't owned by special interests to Washington.

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