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Healthcare options for uninsured

Tomorrow is the deadline for healthcare open enrollment in Tennessee. For those who may be opting to forgo health insurance, you still have options here in Jackson.

"Faith health center is a clinic that is predominantly for those without health insurance. We do see those with medicare or medicare and commercial insurance but we keep our pool to around 50% of those without insurance says Dr David Larsen, Medical Director for Faith Health center."

Faith health center is a smaller clinic, so they offer mostly primary care measures.

"We provide primary medical care meaning tests like management of high blood pressure, diabetes test and a range of other tests."

For the uninsured it can cost as little as twenty-five dollars for basic tests.

"Most patients that are uninsured play a sliding scale fee based on their income. Most patients at the lower limits pay on 25 dollars a visit that will cover any test we can do here at the clinic."

Dr Larson was inspired to focus on dealing with uninsured and low income patients after going on a mission trip.

"Well having gone on mission trips and helped the poor and then come home find find them in my own town made it a little difficult to practice in the private sector."

Faith health center is a non-profit organization and Dr Larsen encourages anyone who would like to volunteer, donate or would like to know about services and hours for the clinic to call 731 215-2500

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