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Kids Shop with Cops

Flashing lights outside Walmart was a good thing tonight.

It was all smiles as the Jackson Fraternal Order of Police took some time tonight to go shopping.

The FOP held its annual "shop with a cop” event.

Twenty children chosen by the Salvation army got to spend about an hour with officers for the Madison county sheriff's office, Tennessee Highway Patrol and the Jackson Police Department.

Each child was given 250-dollars to spend on themselves or loved ones.

FOP President Jeff Sheppard says you see all kinds of circumstances when it comes to what kids choose while shopping

“we see kids come in here and by a myriad of things. one of the most heart wrenching things I've seen is a couple years ago all he wanted to do was buy food, it tells you a little bit about what was going on at home

Salvation Army Youth Coordinator Christi Duncan says the event is more than just a shopping spree.

“there is some teaching going on, learning how to budget their stuff for Christmas. It’s a learning experience.

It also strengthens the youth along with the officers of the community.

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