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The CO gets ready to hit the road with buses

Nearly four years ago "the CO" located on Wiley Parker Road, was given a chance.

It was an incubator designed to help starting entrepreneurs and small business people to realize their dreams.

Now with the help of a state grant.... the CO is about to reach beyond its own building walls.

It looks like a workspace in the Silicon Valley. Entrepreneurs are working on their computers. Some are working on inventions, others are working on how to market their products to the consumer.

One of those inventors is Marcus Boykin. He has developed a product called lighting bug. It essentially takes a burned out low beam bulb and hooks it up to the high beam while at the same time dimming the brighter bulb. He said it was a concept he developed after being pulled over.

While Boykin did all the electrical work ….it is the help he got from the people at “ the CO” who helped with his marking.

Facilities Manager of, “ the CO, Dan Drogosh” says that if you would like to be a part of "the co" you can contact him at 731-554-5555.

he says to become a part of the co collaboration, it cost about $75 a month which includeds office space and support.

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